Tuesday, August 08, 2006

All Night (Electro) Disco Party!

Okay, so my internet thingy has finally been fixed. It only took eight weeks as well so I can't really complain about the speed of their service. But now I have a searingly fast two meg connection and I no longer have to do all my interneting at work (although I am sat at my desk as I write this). This opens up some possibilities. Firstly, the updates will become much more regular and hopefully more content laden. It also means that I can upload files

So I'm going to start uploading some of my old mixes. It would be fair to say that I like a vast cross section of music and my set at the Garage is not particularly representative of the music I listen to at home. As a result, I produce mixes for parties, car journeys or just to dust off the turntables to get a bit of practice in. And the good news (and I may be a little over confident here) is that I've got loads of these old mixes kicking about and I will start to upload them here for you to download and delete as you feel fit

I'm going to start with my Tight Jeans & Techno Mix which is basically an hour of scenester electro, indie and hiphop. I'm pretty pleased with my mixing here, all done on my trusty KAM turntables, CDJs and battered Numark mixer (computers? pah!). There are a couple of little wobbles here and there, particularly mixing between the Metric and Daftpunk, but that Metric tune is all over the place timing wise.

Anyway, it's an Mp4 file so it's designed for iTunes. If this upsets enough people I'll convert it to an Mp3, but you've all got iTunes anyway, haven't you? It's also hosted on Megaupload, which is a pretty rubbish way of doing things, but it is free. If you click the link below, it will take you to Megaupload. You will be prompted to enter three letters into the box in the top right side of the screen and then click download. This will start a 45 second timer, and then the file will start to download. It might also put a pop up for some porn, although I think they've stopped doing that. If not, I'm sorry. It seems you can't have free without sleaze anymore. I was shocked. I didn't know there was stuff like that on the internet...

The Tight Jeans And Techno Mix - Tom*

If you like it (or even if you hate it) please leave me a comment. It would be nice to know that someone has at least listened to it. Oh, and you can book me to DJ and stuff too if you'd like... :)

The Tight Jeans And Techno Mix - Tom*

Track listing:

1. Marion & Jeff Intro
2. Radiohead - Idiotechque
3. Tom Vek - Things Are Here To Stay
4. Bloc Party - Helicopter (Peaches Remix)
5. Soulwax - Miserable Girl (Nite Version)
6. Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix)
7. Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Accapella)
8. LCD Soundsystem - Trials And Tribulations (Tiga Remix)
9. Linus Loves - Night Music
10. Ladytron - Seventeen (Droyds Mix)
11. Fischerspooner - You're My Disco
12. DFA 1979 - Romantic Rights (Dahlback & Dahlback Remix)
13. The Faint - Conductor (Thin White Duke Remix)
14. Metric - Dead Disco
15. Daft Punk - Oh Yeah
16. Freezepop - Duct Tape My Heart
17. The Glass - Hear The Music (Mylo Remix)
18. Infadels - I Can't Get Enough (Jagz Kooner)
19. Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes (David Holmes Remix)
20. LFO - Freak
21. Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up Look Sharp
22. Holy F*ck - Tone Bank
23. Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Justice Remix)
24. DJ Shadow - The Numbers Song (Cut Chemist Remix)
25. MIA - Galang
26. Daft Punk - Da Funk
28. Brass Eye Outro

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