Friday, April 07, 2006

Cos we don't need no one to tell us what to do (C- for grammar)

Okay, so there has been little activity on the posting side this week. I am aiming for one a day really, but I'm so buried under with work and other side projects (which I may or may not tell you more about at a later date) that I just haven't had time to write anything. Prose of this standard doesn't come easy you know. Can we still be friends?

So I spent last night working away on my laptop alternating between watching rubbish on the TV and listening to Weezer and Imogen Heap songs. Which led to me watching Supersize Me again. I've sort of half seen it a couple of times, and I always find it mildly entertaining if not exactly a revelation. Now you may or may not know that I'm a fairly health conscious guy, and generally look out for what I eat. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of exercise, but I know that I work long hours and don't do much moving about, so I at least make sure I'm getting enough green stuff in me.

I've been vegetarian for about nine years now, and made the switch to being vegan about a year ago. My reasons for doing it were perhaps not the usual ones - although I don't want to be in any way involved in supporting the animal produce industry, it was as much an attempt to make myself cook and prepare food rather than living on ready made meals. I have no real great love of animals (infact I would go as far as to say I don't like them at all. Except for cats, obviously). Yet the process involved in the mass production of animal products is truly horrific, and I think a lot of people would change their mind about what they want to eat if presented with all the facts.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a preachy vegan at all. I would never dream of telling someone what they should and shouldn't eat, as I know how offended I get when people start trying to tell me how I should live me life. But I do feel that a lot of people just aren't aware of how bad some of the things that we buy are, not just for themselves, but for the environment and our culture as well. Now McDonald's are an oft used example of all that is bad is the world, and to be honest, I think there might be a point. Sure, other companies are guilty of a lot of the things that make the golden arches a decidedly dodgy corporation. I'm not going to bore you with all every reason why I will never eat at McDs. A quick search on the internet will bring you more reasons than you ever need. But to sum up;

1.) The food is just plain bad. It is all processed, packed full of fat and sugar, contains enough chemicals to dramatically alter your mood, and it tastes horrible.

2.) They drive down the minimum wage. They are one of the biggest employer of under 25s in America and pay minimum wage. This brings the average wage for the US down so causes a drop in the minimum wage scale. They screw people over for profits

3.) They sue anyone who stands up against them. They can afford the best lawyers in the world, so they always win.

Er... I'm sure I had a point before I started this. Oh yeah, that's right - so I was feeling all politically charged and self righteous when I went to work this morning. I wanted something shouty and empowering to listen to. So, Black Flag? Rage Against The Machine? Minor Threat? Fugazi? Nope, I wanted something fun too, so it had to be The Living End. Three piece punk/psycho billy/ska( in places I guess) Australian band who's only really success came with the mighty Prisoner Of Society single, a fun fist in the air screw the man kind of anthem. Unfortunately, I can't find the video for this, so you're going to get various live performances instead. But they are awesome live, so it's all good

The Living End - Roll On

The Living End - Tainted Love


I knew I had the live video somewhere. This is a great performance

The Living End - Prisoner Of Society

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