Thursday, April 20, 2006

Been a long time... Shouldn't have left you..

...Without a dope beat (or some videos) to step to

So I haven't forgotten about the blog at all. It's just life kind of got in the way and I've been really busy away from any kind of internet access. But it's been a good week. Things that have made it good are:

1) The film I have been working on every single minute of the day is finished and has been shown and everybody concerned is happy. So now I can sleep.
2) I went to see Dartz play at the weekend. You should check these guys out next time they play. Recognise
3) Something that I'm not going to talk about on the blog but is a good thing
4) I bought Nathan Barley on DVD
5) The Garage was surprisingly busy for Easter holidays, and full of my mates to boot

Whilst I would like to write a blog entry about Dartz, and probably will one day, they haven't got a video out, which makes ita bit tricky. Surfice to say that if you like your indie dancable and have even a passing interest in The Futureheads, Blood Brothers, Q And Not U or for that matter music, you should check them out. They have a split out with Stapleton which they are selling on their tour and I will imagine it will avalible on-line/e-bay/car boot sale pretty soon

So nope, I'm going to write about Nathan Barley instead. If you didn't catch this when it was on C4 about a year ago, you missed out. Any Chris Morris (I shouldn't need to tell you this but Brasseye/Jam/The Day Today) is a good thing, and this was his first real go at a sit-com. Using a fictious magazine, Sugarape (but with the Suga part written really small in the logo)it aims it sights firmly at the shallow, fashionisters that exist in all of us to an extent. You know, those of us who wear 'ironic' T-shirts, listen to 'difficult' music and put things in 'quote marks'. Sugarape at it's journalists are all about shock articles, irony and so-lame-it's-cool-ness. It's about big sunglasses, multi-layered hair and edgy drug references. Oh just go and watch it, then you'll understand what I'm talking about. Or you could watch this trailer...

Anyway, at now point is it ever confirmed (apart from a scene were one of the fashion idiots is seen readingi it in the background) but Sugarape is based on Vice magazine (, a free magazine avaliable in all the cool record shops in Leeds (well Crash and Jumbo anyway). If you want to see fashion articles involving the homeless or heroin addicts, or features on life in the Russian army or about having extreme drinking contests, then you should pick it up. There are some record reviews in there too, although they are the score that the record gets seems to be based on how much coke the reviewer has had that day.

Now if I'm giving the impression that I don't like Vice, then I'm not explaining myself very well. Yup, it relies way to heavily on shock tactics. And drugs are really, really boring now aren't they? But it's a really good read, and from a design point of view it's spot on. And the main reason for writing this post (I know, I can't believe it either, but I do have a point after all) is that Vice magazine also has a record label arm ( home to suitably Vice Magazine style bands. As well as being the UK home to Bloc Party, they also have Chromeo, Death From Above 1979, The Panthers, The Streets and The Stills. So in now I can post some videos by some ace bands. Score!

Death From Above - Blood On Our Hands

Death From Above - Black History Month

Chromeo - Needy Girl

The Streets - Let's Push Things Forwards (ah.. I remember when they were good)

Right, I'm off to try and sort a Panic! At The Disco blag. Haaaaaa-wicked

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