Thursday, March 16, 2006

The door in your head is making you talk all sorts of mumbo jimbo

From now on, only Mighty Boosh quotes as my titles. That'll learn you

Firstly, on the drive into work this morning I came up with (fanfare please)...

In no particualr order, the Top 5 Garage Songs with a cowbell on them

1. Hot Hot Heat - Talk To Me, Dance With Me
2. Queens Of The Stoneage - Little Sister
3. Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby
4. Rage Against The Machine - Freedom
5. The Hair - Right Foot, Left Foot (okay, I've never played this, but I should)

Any complaints? I think not

Now I hate Later With Jools Holland. I always have. It's full of smug indie bands like Razorlite, playing smug indie songs like the ones that Razorlite do. Then there is the token pop act showing that they've got credibility. Oh, and the 'urban' artist showing that the program has credibility. And don't get me started on the jams. Or the boogie woogie additions to The Foo Fighters set.

What makes it more baffling is I used to watch it every week, and hate it from start to finish. Just like I do with Top Of The Pops. I always secretly thought that one week it would blow me away. It happened twice in the whole five years I watched it, once when The Eels were on (because they are awesome) and once when At The Drive-In did this...

What the performance lacks in actually playing the right notes at any point, it makes up for flailing, chair violation and haircuts. Which as we all know, is much more important. What the video doesn't show is the when the camera cuts to Robbie Williams looking, for want of a better word, shell shocked. He followed that performance, with Angels. Somehow it seemed a little tame...


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