Monday, March 20, 2006

You looked like a jazz dalek...

A lot of people claim that they aim to learn something new everyday. I think that only one thing is a bit rubbish to be honest - I learn at least ten useless, irrelevant things a day. I sometimes worry that the pointless stuff I know is pushing out all the useful things

To illustrate, here are the things I learnt on Sat:

1. Battles new single is really rather good, despite disliking everything else they've done. And the 7inch is on red vinyl with a Hot Chip remix on it, so you should pick it up

2. I make a brilliant pasta sauce when I put my mind to it. If anyone wants a recipe for a vegan lasgna, hit me up with a message

3. Somebody is reading this blog, as the number of hits is going up at a slow but steady rate. It can't all be me...

4. I still can't grow a beard

5. Against Me! fans are an excellent crowd for The Garage. The requests were spot on, the dancefloor was full to the right records, and fun was had by all

6. I don't realise when I'm being chatted up

7. People like Reuben. This is a good thing

8. People like Biffy Clyro. This is also a good thing

9. One person likes New Found Glory. This is a bad thing.

10. Funeral For A Friend fans call the the band The Funerals. This is cute.

However, the most important thing I learnt it (insert fanfare here...)

11. There is a switch on the mixing desk which reverse all of the channels, so that the right CD player comes through the left mixer channel. If you catch this switch by mistake, you will look an idiot as you will have no sound for a minute whilst you try and work out what you have done. This is a bad thing, especially if you were trying to play your favourite Rival Schools record. Now that I have learnt this valuable lesson, I will not be doing it again

I had so much fun this week at The Garage. It was nice to see loads of people for Hospital Radio down, and I'm glad that we are converting some people to the ways of the new, sparkly Garage. And I'm getting asked for cool bands - Letterman, Reuben, The Faint, Hot Chip (better leave that one to Dan though), Le Tigre, The Getup Kids, The Automatic. Apparently there were a group of people who had travelled down from Newcastle for the night to check us out, so that can only be a good thing

To celebrate the fact that people do indeed like Reuben, I'm going to post a video from the first album Racecar is Racecar Backwards. Four things you should know about Reuben (see, you can use that as your things you learnt today quota):
1. They are all very ugly
2. They have bad album titles (see above)
3. They put out the wrong singles on the album
4. They support bad bands (of late Disturbed and Fightstar)

So this song, Freddy Kruger, is probably the only half way decent single from the first album. Yet the album is great. If you see it going cheap, I recommend you take a chance on it. Especially if you like Biffy Clyro, or Stapleton or Million Dead or (in places) early Silverchair

Proof indeed that you can make a video with the change you find down the back of the sofa. And don't look directly at them, or you eyes may melt from the bands ugliness


I found the video for Let's Stop Hanging Out, the best single they put out from the first album. It appears that they put out about seven singles, which is a very Stereophonics thing to do. And nobody wants to be like them


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