Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Okay, so I didn't actually remember to post yesterday. I actually let my job get in the way of maintaining my blog. But it won't happen again people, I promise (er.. if any of you are actually reading this of course...) Anywhoo, it's new music Wednesday, and now this band are finally getting played on MTV2, it feels like I can include it in todays post

The Metric - Monster Hospital

I love the Metric. I've been banging on to Dan since I started how brilliant they are. I have a real soft spot for poppy electro, and they more than meet my criteria. I think I've played this in the first half hour of my set for the last four weeks in the hope that someone will pick up on it. So please ask me for The Metric. It will make my night. And I may well propose to you (unless you have a beard)


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