Monday, March 13, 2006

He was the second person to play Daft Punk to the rock kids...

I wrote a bit of a long post, and then lost it. So now I don't want to write another long post. I think I'll paraphrase

Daft Punk's Homework is one of the best dance records ever made. Ignore everything they have done since, and stick to the debut. Funk samples cut with techno beats, punk spirit and a sense of humour. There has never been a point when Da Funk has sounded like one of the greatest records ever made to my ears. Which is why I dropped it on Sat, mashed up with a bit of Dizzee Rascal. There was a bit of a wobble on the dance floor whilst the rock kids worked out if they were cool enough to dance to it, but once the bassline drops, the only way you won't be smiling is if you have no mouth

By the end of the night, it transpired (word a day toilet paper) had dropped Around The World in the bar, deftly beatmatched in a Prince/Daft Punk/Madonna three-way. Not only does that sound all kinds of awesome, but it reminded me of the brilliant video that accompanied the single

Apparently, each character in the video represents a different musical motif. Just like Wagner (how cultured am I?). So you can tell all your friends about the direct French house / German opera connection next time you're down the pub. They'll be well impressed. x

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