Monday, February 20, 2006

How to download the podcast

Eventually, this should become an automatic streaming podcast, so the need for Rapidshare will go, but at the moment...

It's a slightly confusing system, but follow these steps and you'll be fine. Deep breath now:

1.Click on the link for the podcast in the post below
2. On the Rapidshare page, choose the button marked Free in the table
3. Wait until the 47 seconds have counted down to zero
4. Enter the three digit picture code appears into the box next to it and click the download button
5. Click the save button and watch it download to your hard disk
6. Double click on the downloaded file, and turn up your speakers
7. Make some milky tea (soy milk for all you hard-core vegan types) and listen to an hour of the best music we found that week
8. Count down the days until the next one comes out

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