Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Death From Above - Little Girl

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Best album of last year? I reckon it's in with a shout. But then you know that already don't you, because you've got a copy on your shelf. Haven't you? Well for the people not cool enough to already be all over this band, all you need to know is that they are two male models who play fast electro punk noise that makes your ears bleed and your legs move. With a singing drummer who helps us forget the pain of Phil Collins and a keyboard player/guitarist/bassist/noise machineist who helps us forget everything else, they are a fine live band, studio band and remix band. Bastards. Oh, and for what it's worth, my copy is on pink vinyl that looks virtually edible.

Fallout Boy - Dance, Dance (RJD2 Remix)

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The only band more American and popular than The OC meets Britian's answer to DJ Shadow. The results are surprisingly good, and it turns the snotty punk dnace floor filler into a laid back bar room kind of tune. This will be the B-side to the single, if Sugar We're Going Down ever goes away. Jimminy-jillickers

Nine Black Alps - Get Your Guns

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Brit-rock has been a bit on the quiet side lately, especially when compared to unstoppable rise of fashionable dancey indie. Sounding a bit like Therapy, and a lot like The Vines, Nine Black Alps are hoping to make the fuzzed up guitar cool again. Whether they will manage the same success as Bloc Party and Franz remains to be seen, but their album Everything Is is definatly worth a listen or two

LCD Soundsystem - Movement

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Woo! Electro-party! If you missed LCD Soundsystem last year, then you missed out. Not only are they awesomely awesome in their own right, but they are also top drawer producers and remixers. Jerky, noisy, squelchy and lop-sided. Everything great electro should be. Plus, all the hottest girls like electro. That is a fact. So impress one by picking up their eponymous album

Refused - Liberation Frequency

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From the depths of the Scandinavian guitar scene comes something that you might actually want to listen to. Far removed from their peers Burzem and Mayhem, this is clever punk rock at it's finest. Fusing jagged At The Drive-In guitar lines with electronica and straight up hardcore vocals, this album was an instant classic when it dropped, and seven years later The Shape Of Punk To Come... is a conspicuous abscence in your CD collection

Rise Against - Heaven Knows

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Taken from the album Revolutions per Minute this shows Rise Against at their finest. Harking back to the political punk of Black Flag and the Propagandihs, but bringing some of the modern studio polish of the current crop of rock-punk bands. Their latest album, Over The Counter Culture is arguably their most accessible to date, and should appeal to fans of everyone from Thrice to The Pogues

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rich

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Big sun glasses, polka dots, head scarves, jazz drums and intricate guitar lines are just some of the elements that make The Yeah Yeah Yeahs not only the ultimate hipster band but also one of the most engaging live bands around. From the dance floor carnage of Date With The Night, to the sublime Maps, Fever To Tell sounds like a thousand brilliant albums distilled into one, whilst sounding little like anything that's been before it. And again, more importantly, hot girls like this band (spotting the theme yet?)

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