Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I wreck the mic like a vandel....

Over a week since my last post? Oh dear. I guess this must be what having a life is like. Don't worry, I shouldn't expect it will last long...

About six months ago I went to visit some friends in Nottingham. To round the visit off, they took me to (apparently) 'The North's Premier Rock Club, Nottingham Rock City'. I was told that it would be fun. I was not entirely mislead either. The highlight of the night was discovering that Smother were playing a set in one of the downstairs bars, and dutifully rocked the crowd of four with their tight punk strutting. However, when the night kicked off properly, another gem was revealled. Amidst the Kerrang flavoured set that the DJ played in the massive main room, he talked on the microphone - introducing songs, dedicating records and making birthday announcements in the style of a wedding DJ.

The reason I am telling you this is that every week I will get asked by at least two people to make a dedication for someones birthday or somesuch. Despite the fact I clearly don't have a microphone and never have done. It's even weirder when it's a regular who you would expect might have noticed that in the three or so months I have been there they have never heard by manly voice booming out of the speaker stacks.

And whilst I'm having a bit of a rant, I'm thinking of starting a Head Automatica amnesty. That record is three years old now guys - do I have to play it every week? Seriously? There are some other great records out there. There are even some pretty good tunes on that album. Infact, if you come up and don't request Head Automatica's 'Beating Heart Baby', I will personally write you a cheque for £10 (cheque will not be honoured)

So the other thing I have discovered recently is that not only do people think I have a microphone, but they also don't like the last Jimmy Eat World album very much. Or any of the earlier ones for that matter. Anything that isn't Bleed American infact. Which is a shame, because although it has a couple of duff tracks, I think the new album is really strong and certainly as good as the last one.

However, Clarity is the J.E.W. album to own. At a point when emo wasn't a dirty word, it was exactly what a post hardcore album should be - rocky and pretty in equal measures. There seriously isn't a bad song on this album, and it is a record made for night time drives with your special girl or some other kind of OC/Dawson's Creek cliche. So I'm going to post one video of the earlier and later stuff, although I can't find any videos for singles from Clarity except for Lucky Denver Mint, and their disography suggests that it was the only single from the album. I promise not to be so slack in the future

Jimmy Eat World - Pain (Futures)

Jimmy Eat World - Lucky Denver Mint (Clarity)

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