Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Last Sat at the Garage was a lot of fun. Whilst I wasn't the busiest of nights, people seemed up for having a good night, and there were some spot on requests. The fact that people are coming up and asking for Le Tigre, The Getup Kids, Bad Religion and Test Icicles is exactly what I hoped would happen with the night. I think there should always be a home for the classic rock staples at The Garage, but it's important to be pushing forward with music from the fringes as well. You've only got to look how exciting and dynamic the music scene is Leeds is, not to mention the rest of the country, and the fact the people are activly getting involved in it and supporting the scene is fantastic.

It was also great to see a bunch of Hospital Radio / Juvinile Hall kids down ripping it up to Weezer and Death From Above. I was going to post a Getup Kids video for Ash (Ashley?), the cute bar girl who told me they were her favorite band in the whole world ever, but I'm going to put something a bit more Marcus-y today. But seeing as The Getup Kids easily make my top ten bands, I reckon they'll be one up before the end of the week. Oh, and you should know that you are in for some Weezer. A lot of Weezer.

Mastadon. Crushing. Metal. Like the scary baby of Pantera and ...Trail Of The Dead, they are without a doubt my favorite metal-tinged band around at the moment. Yup, I know how out of place I look at one of their shows. They were one of my favorite bits of last years All Tomorrow's Parties, and showed the Mars Volta how techinal riffing should be done.

So rest assured, this tune, first one of their last album, is not a bootie jam. Do not use it for seduction purposes. And the video is a bit scary as it has a clown in it. What is it with metal bands and clowns? And is there anyone in the world who actually likes clowns? Er... anyway, the video is here

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