Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Bit pushed for time at the moment, so a little bit of a quick post to bring to your attention a new-ish band. I've been meaning to write about them for a while, and it was sunny yesterday and as they popped up on random rotation on the old 'pod just as I hit a particularly warm stretch of street, resulting in that 'life is pretty good really' feeling. So I'm going to share them

I was first turned onto Nightmare Of You by my friend Brett, after it excitedly told me that he had fold 'the new Smiths'. As I am a man of a certain age, I have more than a soft spot for The Smiths, and didn't think there was much wrong with the old one, so I was sceptical to say the least. I picked up the album certain that they couldn't be even a tenth as good as Marr & Morrissey, and was relieved to find that I was right

Except they've grown on me. I still think the debut album is a bit wet - in places it's almost shoegaze. But I preserveared, especially when I found out that they were made up from members of Glassjaw, Rival Schools and The Movielife. And I have reached the conclusion that it's an ok record, with two great singles on it. Now if you're expecting rock you'll be disappointed. And if you are expecting originality, you may similarly be left feeling a little cold (these guys have obviously bought all the 'how to play The Smiths' books and studied those riffs pretty closely).

File this one under guilty pleasures for me. I know I shouldn't like them, but their playcount on my iTunes suggests otherwise

Oh, the video is rubbish by the way, but it's for one of the two stand out tracks on the album. I can't find the other one anywhere

Nightmare of You - I Want To Be Buried In Your Backyard

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