Friday, March 24, 2006

So tired... So very tired

I worked it out, and when I factor in my time working as a teacher and my time DJing as, I work the equivilent of 6 and a half working days. Factor in the time that I'm spending working on this film project (no, not that kind of film) and it works out at seven and a smidge. So I work more working days than there are in the week. Awesome

This leads to me spending Sunday doing absolutly nothing apart from eating Linda McCartney sausage sarnies and watching TV. Which led to me watching a programme about Smash Hits magazine and it's eventual closure. It was pretty interesting, and whilst it didn't really tell me anything I hadn't heard before, it did make a pretty interesting point. Chart music has become incredibly safe. It's not shocking anymore.

There was a time when the last place you would hear about the latest chart sensation (oh dear, I sound like my dad) was on ITV at primetime. Now you watch the conception, growth and inevitable death all in the space of about two months. Where is the Elvis getting banned for his hips? Where is Frankie Goes To Hollywood getting to number one with a song The Prodigy? The only thing in the charts that would make my mum leave the room in disgust now is James Blunt and that is for a whole different reason. Pop stars are doing things for charity and telling us abou the plight of the world. We don't want this. We want them to be drunk, violent and selfish. We want them to have vulgar houses and vulgar lives.

Which brings me to Peaches. Stripped (in both senses) electro, often little more than a drum beat and if you are lucky a two note bassline, coupled with sexually explicit lyrics detailing what she would like to do with boys, girls and a combination of the two. That is pretty much the only theme to a whole Peaches album. She is exactly what a popstar should be - slightly odd looking, a complete show off, and unlikely to appear on the next BandAid record.

Peaches - AA(XXX)

Sorry it's a live version, but it gives you a taste of her..ahem.. risque live show

Oh, and I like this kind of Peaches too :)

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